What is SliderTec

SliderTec is a patented shear design with a unique, fluid motion slide that enables our shears to fit each individual's stylist or barber's needs.
SliderTec was invented by a father and son duo. Denny Soucie, a barber for over 50 years, and Gary White, a cosmetologist for 25 years and counting.
When Denny could see his hand and body struggling to cut hair, he asked around and found others with the same problem. He tried swivel-thumb-shears and depending on the brand, it was better but not quite right. Denny and Gary decided to solve the problem themselves. After years of prototyping, SliderTec was created, Enabling Deny to enjoy the work he loved, far after his arthritic hands should have denied him that goal.
Even after retiring, Denny still is involved in SliderTec, hoping to share his creation and ease the pain of stylists everywhere.

Why try a Slider?
SliderTec is a game-changing opportunity that might improve the quality of your life.
Do you struggle after a 10-hour day with soreness in your hand and thumb? Is your elbow, shoulder, and neck so tight from cutting hair all day that you consider changing careers or simply retiring? With shears toating the newest and best ergonomics in the industry, SliderTec can help. 

Learning curve, Is there one?
Sure, old habits die hard.
However, once you've used the slider for a few weeks, you'll have a new favorite shear!
Relax the shoulders, lower your arms a little, and let your thumb slide; the shears fit you, not the other way around, allowing you to calm down those aches. Remember, cutting hair in a new position is usually not an overnight success, but isn't it worth trying if it can help your health?